Holistic Fracturing: Artistry, Academia, & Gut Intellect

“He knew, from experience, though he didn’t know from where the experience had come, that he was about to no longer know where he was.”  (Kathy Acker, Empire of the Senseless, 1988, 137) INTRODUCTION: Feeling fractured The sensation of having your mind blown apart is equal only to the sensation of feeling whole. Human thought […]

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Technology in Education – thoughts from a Sunday afternoon

At a recent “Lifelong Learning and Education for Sustainable Development and Citizenship” seminar, I was struck by an annoyance from my post-secondary school days: the clack of laptop keys from an unseen participant right behind me. It immediately reverted me back to those lecture halls I had long forgotten (and, to be sure, rarely attended). […]

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I hate the word “blog” but I really like the word “chlamydia”. Life is a darn shame, sometimes, ain’t it?